Monthly Archives: September 2011

Version 2.1.0 has been released

New features:

  • Detection masking: now you may mask some areas of a frame from motion detection. See the mask creation howto for more.
  • AVRTuner simple session save/restore. Now the last edited file will be loaded on startup.
  • In AVRTuners’ statusbar full file path is displayed now.
  • The base directory for all relative paths defined in a configuration is the path of a directory containing configuration file itself, not the work directory of the process.


Bug fixes:

  • Noise detection works¬†correctly¬†now.
  • Meters’ max values take thresholds into account.
  • Minor internal fixes and improvements.

Plans for the future

  • Avrecord
    • webcam server
    • uvc cameras support
    • detection mask or rectangle
    • query ffmpeg for supported video and audio codecs
  • Avrtuner
    • Fixed font in editor
    • Session saving

Version 2.0.2 has been released

Recent changes:

  • a man page is added
  • there’s a manual in the README file now
  • in AVRTuner: bad mutex handling is fixed, no mor flickering in Show Motion mode
  • in AVRecord: option -i now takes an optional argument — video device name. It enables initialization from specified device rather than from /dev/video0